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Forbidden Peak via North Ridge Day 1

Cascades  •  September 3

On January 17, at 6:32 AM, I received this text from my buddy Ann: “Paul – JM and I had a good dinner and talked about some fun climbs in the PNW next summer, namely the north or east ridge of forbidden – Justin I forget which one. Anyhow would you be able to join? … Continue reading Forbidden Peak via North Ridge Day 1


Welcome Home… Again

Everest 2016  •  April 7

Big day today, as we moved from LBC to EBC.  I remember this day well from last year: Long, stunningly beautiful, painful, exhausting. Pretty much a repeat of that experience… except there is NO SNOW on the route, temperatures are a bit warmer, and I am not nearly as ill as I was last time.  … Continue reading Welcome Home… Again


Zhongla Rocks

Everest 2016  •  April 6

There were rumors of internet connectivity at the village of Zhongla. I hesitate to call it a village—more like four tea houses that are seasonally staffed to serve trekkers ascending and descending the nearby Cho La pass.  We had seen it the previous day, during our hike up the ridge above LBC.  It seemed to … Continue reading Zhongla Rocks


Unwinding at LBC

Everest 2016  •  April 5

Slept pretty well last night… we are now at 15,600 feet AMSL, and the low oxygen tension has a variety of effects. For one, I am having strange, vivid dreams.  Not bad, not good, just odd.  I think others on the team are, too. Because this is a planned rest day, we were able to … Continue reading Unwinding at LBC


A Whole New Lobuche

Everest 2016  •  April 4

We bid farewell to the last built structures until the end of the expedition, and walked away from Pheriche right after breakfast.  The tea houses have been fun in their own way, with amenities like hot showers, flush toilets, a choice of foods, beds with mattresses and blankets, and even alcohol for purchase (although we … Continue reading A Whole New Lobuche