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Rainier via Kautz Ice Chute: Day 2

Cascades, Rainier  •  June 10

Here is a video summary of the day’s climb. This version without soundtrack, so you can hear the snow and the wind, and our chatter…. This version with the soundtrack that hummed in my mind during the ascent… I slept fine that night. For the most part. An odd feature of being guided is that … Continue reading Rainier via Kautz Ice Chute: Day 2


Rainier via Kautz Ice Chute: Day 1

Cascades, Rainier  •  June 9

Mt. Rainier is one of my favorite mountains…  I am fortunate to be 4 for 5 up there, twice on the Emmons and thrice on the DC, most recently as a team leader in July 2017. It is a sacred place for me, actually, and always provides that unique combination of challenge and beauty and … Continue reading Rainier via Kautz Ice Chute: Day 1


Forbidden Peak via North Ridge Day 3

Cascades  •  September 5

The day’s climb, condensed to 13 minutes. My favorite segments are at 3:44, 5:00, and 9:42. For those who want to see all the footage I shot that day, about 2 hours of our 14 hour day, here it is. Language cleaned up, otherwise raw footage: Here’s the blog. I slept well on the bivvy … Continue reading Forbidden Peak via North Ridge Day 3


Elbrus: Top of Europe

Elbrus 2017  •  July 24

I slept for about two hours in total that night, rolling and shifting in the sleeping bag, checking my watch by the red tactical light every 20 minutes or so. I listened for a storm like the one we had the night before, but things sounded quiet outside. Will we go? Traveler’s diarrhea had hit … Continue reading Elbrus: Top of Europe


Elbrus: The Blizz

Elbrus 2017  •  July 23

As usual before an alpine start, I had trouble sleeping. This is always the case, on any mountain, large or small. Being in the bunks made things more challenging because of cramped quarters, etc. Great hut-mates, I assure you, but not a restful spot for any of us. Nevertheless I did sleep, with the deep … Continue reading Elbrus: The Blizz