Paul Pottinger’s Adventures from the Top of the World

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Elbrus: Treading on the Trail

Elbrus 2017  •  July 19

The plan for today was for an acclimatization hike to 10,000 feet. And so we did. Gear check is done. Massive thunderclaps and rainstorm are cooling everything off. We are comfortable and happy. Tomorrow, we will ride the trams and head higher still. It will be a good day.

Elbrus: Parting with St. Petersburg

Elbrus 2017  •  July 18

Lovely morning in the city, seeing a few more sights before flying to Mineral Vody and then driving up to Terskol at the foot of the mountain. Now safely in Terskol, a beautiful village in the mountain forests… more tomorrow, for now I sleep!


Everest 2016  •  May 21

My fingers were becoming painful in the cold. Getting the photos I wanted meant wearing just the merino liners, and they could only stave off the wind for so long. I’m not sure what the temperature was on the summit, but would guess circa -10F before the wind chill. Actually, the wind was not too … Continue reading Down