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Ouray 2018: Day 2

Colorado  •  January 30

Our plan: Modest alpine climbing outside the park, starting on the Bird Camp Mine Road. Our reality: Crowded routes, many of which were only marginally in condition. Our response: Climbing in the park!

Ouray 2018: Day 1

Colorado  •  January 29

So happy to be back in Ouray for three days of ice climbing with friends. This annual tradition is always a blast. Conditions were sub-ideal, with warm temps and low precip in the prior months. But still lots of fun. Expert guiding by IMG, naturally.

Deliverance From 27,000 Feet: Clarifications

Everest 2016  •  May 22

On December 19, 2017, the New York Times published an article called “Deliverance From 27,000 Feet” by John Branch. It is excellent. I am glad to have contributed information and images that I hope will provide some sense of clarity and closure for the families of the fallen. Comments on the story have fallen into … Continue reading Deliverance From 27,000 Feet: Clarifications

Granite Mountain

December 9, 2017

Doug texted me out of the blue, proposing a climb this weekend. Conditions were forecast to be just about perfect, including blue skies, gentle winds, and a freezing level circa 12,000 feet. Our friends in Texas were getting hammered with snow that should have fallen on Seattle, if not for a massive high pressure front … Continue reading Granite Mountain