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Tahoma via Kautz Ice Chute: Day 1

Cascades, Rainier  •  June 9

Tahoma (AKA Mt. Rainier) is one of my favorite mountains…  I am fortunate to be 4 for 5 up there, twice on the Emmons and thrice on the DC, most recently as a team leader in July 2017. It is a sacred place for me, actually, and always provides that unique combination of challenge and … Continue reading Tahoma via Kautz Ice Chute: Day 1


Wy’East (Mt Hood)

Cascades  •  April 20

The plan: Climb Mt Hood via the standard route, south side. The crew: Teresa, Marjorie, and me. The timing: A weekend in April… Because of work, I really wanted to climb Saturday, getting home Sunday to be ready for work the next day. The issue: Weather was rotten on Saturday night. 2 inches of snow … Continue reading Wy’East (Mt Hood)


Forbidden Peak via North Ridge Day 3

Cascades  •  September 5

The day’s climb, condensed to 13 minutes. My favorite segments are at 3:44, 5:00, and 9:42. For those who want to see all the footage I shot that day, about 2 hours of our 14 hour day, here it is. Language cleaned up, otherwise raw footage: Here’s the blog. I slept well on the bivvy … Continue reading Forbidden Peak via North Ridge Day 3


Forbidden Peak via North Ridge Day 2

Cascades  •  September 4

Temperatures dropped overnight, but I stayed toasty in my merino layer and Feathered Friends Nano Swallow bag. The BD Light Saber bivvy bag made for posh accommodations. The wind shifted from Westerly to Easterly, perhaps driven by katabatic effect from the Quien Sabe, but it was gentle. And we got hit with smoke, which had … Continue reading Forbidden Peak via North Ridge Day 2


Mailbox with Matthew

Cascades  •  April 6

Mailbox is my usual training climb. I have not been up it in months, however, due to work. I was stunned to realize that a trough of high pressure air was likely to protect the mid-Cascade range from precipitation on Friday… when my son was on spring break. We had a chance to get up … Continue reading Mailbox with Matthew