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Elbrus: Parting with St. Petersburg

Elbrus 2017  •  July 18

Lovely morning in the city, seeing a few more sights before flying to Mineral Vody and then driving up to Terskol at the foot of the mountain. Now safely in Terskol, a beautiful village in the mountain forests… more tomorrow, for now I sleep!


Elbrus: St Petersburg

Elbrus 2017  •  July 17

The top of Europe is in Russia, in the Caucasus, between the Caspian and Black Seas. I’m climbing it with IMG, guided by Mike Hamill. I hope to complete my goal of climbing the Seven Summits before my 50th birthday. Let’s see how this goes. First, we have to get there. Starting in St. Petersburg … Continue reading Elbrus: St Petersburg