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Category Archives: Basecamp


Resting in EBC

Everest 2016  •  April 15

4-13-16 trough 4-15-16 After Lobuche we spent the night in LBC, then headed back to EBC the next day.  As usual, the trek is easier the second time… still, I felt tired when we got back home.  A great sense of relief being back here… now, we can focus on climbing Mt Everest. Camp life … Continue reading Resting in EBC


Climbers on Ice

Everest 2016  •  April 9

This is one of my favorite days of the trip: Technical training in the lower Khumbu Glacier.  No new information, but a nice refresher and way to build our confidence as we get ready tackle the higher ice on Lobuche and Everest. Last year this was a blast, but even more fun today.  Something must … Continue reading Climbers on Ice


Settlin’ In

Everest 2016  •  April 8

A restful day at EBC. I slept poorly, but can feel that I am almost over this stupid viral URI. Auspicious day to unpack, improve the tent, take a shower, and establish contact with my family. I was even able to put up a blog post from the toasty confines of my own tent, true … Continue reading Settlin’ In



Everest 2015  •  April 28

This day was like a strange dream. There was nothing for us to do except to prepare for the journey out the following day, which took very little time. The surge in demand for porters and yaks heading down valley simply could not be filled; one of our duffels would need to come down later—potentially … Continue reading Numb


Hotter than Satan’s Pants

Everest 2015  •  April 19

Yowza, it was very windy last night!  I was up at least every hour, awakened by the buffeting of the tent in very strong gusts.  The tents are built to take it, and are erected with solid technique, so no one got blown away.  In fact, only the toilet tent got blown over, and this … Continue reading Hotter than Satan’s Pants