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Tahoma via Kautz Ice Chute: Day 3

Cascades, Rainier  •  June 11

That night I tossed in the sleeping bag, made a bit of urine, dreamed of the route, adjusted my layers when chilled… I slept in total for a few hours. Another party passed by quietly circa 12:30 AM, but otherwise there were no surprises that night, except for the tent getting buffeted by gusts of … Continue reading Tahoma via Kautz Ice Chute: Day 3


Ouray 2018: Day 3

Colorado  •  January 31

Finally, the alpine exposure we were looking for. Warm winds… rushing water… melting ice… dry tooling… the complete package. Until next year, Ouray. May your snowfall be deep, your ice be burly, your sheep be bighorned, and your hospitality be warm–as always. Thanks to our amazing guides!


Ouray 2018: Day 2

Colorado  •  January 30

Our plan: Modest alpine climbing outside the park, starting on the Bird Camp Mine Road. Our reality: Crowded routes, many of which were only marginally in condition. Our response: Climbing in the park!


Ouray 2018: Day 1

Colorado  •  January 29

So happy to be back in Ouray for three days of ice climbing with friends. This annual tradition is always a blast. Conditions were sub-ideal, with warm temps and low precip in the prior months. But still lots of fun. Expert guiding by IMG, naturally.