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Strong Like Ox

Everest 2016  •  May 16

The latest from Paul, who is chilling at Camp 2, generally recognized to be the most comfortable way station on the mountain.

“Snappy climb to Camp 2, my fastest yet. I feel strong like ox, smart like tractor. Resting here today & tomorrow before heading higher. Conditions good.”


Paul, age 7. I post because I can--Julie.
Paul, age 7. I post because I can–Julie.

8 thoughts on “Strong Like Ox

  1. The look on this face even says, “Mom, Dad…I want to climb Mt. Everest!”. Go Team Hybrid!

  2. Thanks for update! I’m saying prayers each day for you and the rest of your team. May the final stages be swift, safe, and uneventful. (Well, apart you fulfilling your lifelong dream. I suppose that qualifies as an ‘event.’)

    1. Thanks Kit. Turns out there were many “events” I will detail later… but, we did make it.

  3. Still following and thoroughly enjoying every blog detail. We are learning so much and cheering for you from Pittsburgh! Go Paul go! And love to you too, Julie!


    1. Awesome! Please do read the future installments to yourself before sharing with the kids at bedtime… you may need to edit a bit for their sake. Miss you guys.

  4. Paul, thinking of you and your teammates, thanks for the updates, I look forward to the excitement to come!!

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