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Getting Closer…

Everest 2015  •  March 20

Still lots to do, both organizing for my absence from work, and prepping for the trip itself. Frankly, climbing E seems simple (if painful) compared with the frenzy of getting ready to leave home & work for such a long time.

But, there’s always room for fun with the kids. LOVING my new Feathered Friends down suit and awesome (super brand new) Mt Everest Edition SportcamZ Barkeater photochromatic goggles, provided courtesy of Stylish and TOASTY!

Matthew... I am your father!
Matthew… I am your father!

11 thoughts on “Getting Closer…

  1. Hey Paul – just a couple quick notes. We call them “photochromatic” – not sure there is truly a proper word/spelling for the lens type. And for readability, we write … so please get them right next time 🙂

    This is WAY exciting!!!!!!!!!!

  2. We are volunteers with Shining Stars Foundation; the kids at the Aspen Winter Games whooped, clapped and whistled when we heard you will be representing us. We will be following you all the way to the top. Best of luck!

    1. YAHOOOOOOOOOOO – boy, anything that makes those great kids happy is a great thing. For anyone following Paul’s blog, check out – what an amazing group, and these (literally) sick children are way excited about Paul’s climb. GOOD STUFF!!!

    2. Nancy and Dave, that is great! You are making my expedition even more fun and exciting. Honored and humbled to represent these extraordinary children–and the families and volunteers who love them–at the roof of the world!

  3. Dr. P2:
    I am excited for you. I am praying for you and will be following your every step. !!!!Two months!!!! That’s a very long time.
    Please hurry back

    1. Josette, you are so lovely, thank you! I will be thinking of you and all our patients while I am up there. Not too much though, I know they are in great hands!

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