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Bootalicious (aka AlderSex)

Cascades  •  November 10

Our agenda was simple: Train for the upcoming Ecuador expedition. Someplace close to home. Someplace quiet. Someplace challenging. Someplace not overrun with hipster d-bags. This may sound like a tall order, but we have a secret weapon: Teresa, Queen of Logistics… Soothsayer of Occult Terrain… Keeper of Secret Routes. And thus, the genesis of our … Continue reading Bootalicious (aka AlderSex)


Everest: The Rematch

Everest 2016  •  March 24

I am headed back to climb Mt. Everest tomorrow.  Here are answers so some of the questions I’ve gotten in recent months. Really?  Really.  You are really going back there?  Why not cut your losses and stop while you are ahead? My goal has not changed.  The earthquake was an unprecedented freak act of nature… … Continue reading Everest: The Rematch


All packed up…

Everest 2015  •  March 23

Up until 1:30 AM getting all the gear laid out… Phew, that is a lot of stuff to take!  Fitting this into two duffels was painful, but it worked… trick is, I’m over-weight by about 10kg for the flight to Lukla later this week… I may need to get into a third duffel when I … Continue reading All packed up…


Getting Closer…

Everest 2015  •  March 20

Still lots to do, both organizing for my absence from work, and prepping for the trip itself. Frankly, climbing E seems simple (if painful) compared with the frenzy of getting ready to leave home & work for such a long time. But, there’s always room for fun with the kids. LOVING my new Feathered Friends … Continue reading Getting Closer…


“Why are you doing this?”

Everest 2015  •  March 17

I am about to leave on an expedition to climb Mt. Everest.  This post should answer some of the questions people have asked me time and again.   Q: Why are you doing this? A: Lots of reasons.  It is the ambition of my lifetime.  A chance to test myself in tough conditions, with wonderful … Continue reading “Why are you doing this?”