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Elbrus: Parting with St. Petersburg

Elbrus 2017  •  July 18

Lovely morning in the city, seeing a few more sights before flying to Mineral Vody and then driving up to Terskol at the foot of the mountain.

A new day dawns bright and clear.
Naval Academy.
The fabulous females of our team.
Few parks in St. Petersburg, but they are pretty.
Pete is miserable here.
Peter the Great… The snake represents the Swedish army in defeat.
Catherine the Great built it for her ancestor, and branded it with her name right on it. Sound familiar?
IMG Elbrus Team!
We land in Mineral Vody! A resort area where people take the waters.
Sweltering, stifling, fragrant, amazing. Feels like Ohio in summer.

Now safely in Terskol, a beautiful village in the mountain forests… more tomorrow, for now I sleep!

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