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Two Nights in a Day

Everest 2015  •  March 24

Greetings from Dubai. All is well… Very tough to leave my precious family in Seattle! But, their love fuels me, and I am so grateful for their support.

Maybe I should put them into the duffels and bring them with me!  Will miss these kids, and the goddess who shot the photo, tremendously.
Maybe I should put them into the duffels and bring them with me! Will miss these kids, and the goddess who shot the photo, tremendously.

Funny to watch two sunsets in 13 hours. The flight path from Seattle always looks odd on the map (“why the heck are we going to UAE via Canada?), but of course it makes sense on a 3D globe.

Farewell Puget Sound...
Farewell Puget Sound…
Beautiful Alberta
Beautiful Alberta
Dawn over the North Atlantic.
Dawn over the North Atlantic.

Beautiful terrain over the Middle East. Thinking of my brother Matt and cousin Greg Gottlieb, and all the good work they have done there. Hope I can experience it in person someday, rather than 39,000 feet up.

Dubai Airport is beautiful. Glad our petro purchases are going to some good use. I must say, it really bugs me that so many women are totally covered except their eyes. I know this is rooted in deep tradition, but it just seems medieval, and incongruous with the gleaming airport. Am I culturally insensitive? Fine. Should change come from within? Yes. But, for now, what a rotten thing. Having said so, it is the norm here… maybe it helps, in case of a bad hair day?

Dubai sits on the Persian Gulf... my first time here.
Dubai sits on the Persian Gulf… my first time here.

Anyhow, I am eager for the openness and Buddhist ethos of Kathmandu. Will sleep here tonight and head out tomorrow AM, arriving 1600 local time.

8 thoughts on “Two Nights in a Day

  1. Just watched the video explaining all your gear. Amazing stuff. You have anticipated every need. I can’t imagine how you fit it all into the two duffels, but I see that you did. They are huge! How heavy are they? Good to know that the first leg of the trip went well. As Matt said, we are with you every step. Keep us posted. xox

    1. Thanks Mom. Each duffel was under 50 lbs. So, fine for the flights… but still heavy for the trek to EBC. I may have to add a third duffel to redistribute weight when I get there… we shall see. Love you guys!

  2. Great stuff Paulie! The boys and I are so excited for you and will be following all of your posts. Can’t wait to see more!
    Lots of love,

  3. Love being able to track your progress… What an adventure (that I will happily enjoy vicariously)! Stay safe and warm. Lots of hearts go with you, including mine.

  4. Dr. P2:
    I feel embarrassed to say that I did not know much about Everest before your adventure. Your photography is captivating. Thanks for sharing.
    Still praying for you.

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