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Ladders in the Snow

Everest 2015  •  April 18

Today marks a somber occasion: The one-year anniversary of the loss of 16 sherpas in an instant during an ice avalanche in the Khumbu icefall.  The Sherpa people have already marked this occasion on another day, according to their own calendar, and no special ceremonies are planned or anticipated, but there is agreement among everyone … Continue reading Ladders in the Snow


Back to EBC

Everest 2015  •  April 16

Typically there is a rest day at LBC after summiting Lobuche, but because we had lost a day due to bad weather, we all decided to move to EBC the following day.  Besides, the lure of hot showers and internet connectivity and laundry was too much to refuse. What a difference a few days can … Continue reading Back to EBC



Everest 2015  •  April 10

Today was very important for our expedition.  We held a blessing ceremony, or puja.  This 3 hour extravaganza seeks permission from the mountain deities to allow safe passage for all climbers on the mountain.  The elaborate ceremony was presided over by a lama from far down the valley… he was an adorable elderly man who … Continue reading Puja!


Ice Capades

Everest 2015  •  April 9

Tough sleeping at our new elevation of 17,200 feet.  Even walking to the latrine or shower makes me breathless!  This is standard, and should be expected… For whatever reason, I did not have this issue when at the same elevation on Aconcagua, but who knows what other factors may be at play here. I certainly … Continue reading Ice Capades


Hump to EBC

Everest 2015  •  April 8

Big move today to Everest Base Camp (EBC).  This took us about 5 hours and gained 1,800 vertical feet.  This was the toughest day so far, even though the amount of gain was typical, because the ending point was higher than we’d camped before.  I felt it today for sure. The trek took us away … Continue reading Hump to EBC